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"Re-Freshen, what a blessing! My 79-year old parents reside in VA and I in MD, and needless to say, they have not kept up with repair and maintenance. Called Refreshen on a Thursday and they met me on Sunday morning.A home inspection and air quality test was conducted, and I had findings to include definitions, along with pictures within 7 days.Personal touch with great customer service!!!!"
M Jones



"Our experience with Re-Freshen was excellent.  We were in a bind during the closing process on a house, right up against the Thanksgiving holiday, and Chris was incredibly flexible, helpful and responsive.  He managed to come to the house the same day  I contacted him, and he was also able to get the lab to run our tests even though they were off the next day for Thanksgiving Eve.  We could not be more grateful for the information and assistance Re-Freshen so quickly provided.  It was easy and pleasant working with them, and their prices were fair.  Chris is extremely personable, and even took some of his own time to look through some before pictures of the property we're hoping to buy (before it was renovated that is) to see if he could detect any potential causes or cases of mold--and he also gave us referral info for other contractors that was really useful.  Top notch professionalism. Thank you again Re-Freshen!!!"

S. Fratanduono



I had a great experience with Chris. He searched my home and found the mold and made himself available to explain the lab breakdown and recommended a mold remediation company. He came back to test after removal and still found remainder traces, which caused them to have to go back and remove more mold. Highly recommended and cheaper than larger companies.

S. Tuttle



"Thank you so much for removing the strong cooking odors from my new listing.  I thought that having the entire home painted and new carpeting installed throughout the home would have been sufficient in removing the odor, but it was still extremely noticeable.  Because I felt the smells were quite strong after 7 years of cooking with Indian spices, I was very skeptical that you could remove the odor.  When I opened the front door the morning after you picked up the ozone machines, I was elated that there was no longer any odors!!  I thought for sure there would be a hint of the odor, but it was really gone.  Odors in a home are always a negative for buyers, so I am extremely happy to know that I can call you anytime the need arises.  I also appreciate that you were able to accommodate my clients schedule and made the process so easy for all of us.  Because of the potential loss of buyers due to odors, I also felt the cost of the service you provided was well worth it and appreciate that you could email the invoice directly to my clients.  Their small investment of a few hundred dollars will come back to them easily when we receive an offer.  Many buyers would have turned away and not even considered an offer because of strong odors, and others would have decreased the offer price.  I no longer have to worry about that on this listing!  
With sincere thanks,"
Lisa Z. Stein
Elite Real Estate


"A prompt, efficient, and cost worthy in service for treating all of the issues for my clients.  The response time has always been quick, and I would recommend service." 
Diana Morris, Realtor

5 star Google review


I had a rental property with a tenant who smoked in it for 2 years. I used a competitor to Re-Freshen and they removed the smell but only to have it return 5 weeks later. When the competitor wouldn't come back to retreat the house, I called Re-Freshen. Their turn around time was one day and the treatment level was much more thorough. The smoke smell was eliminated and has remained that way for over 3 months and I was able to sell the property without concern about the smoke smell.

E Moore



Incredibly quick and delightful to work with. We had an emergency situation in which our entire home reeked of moth balls. Chris rearranged his schedule to treat our home the very next morning. When we returned to the house the next evening the moth ball odor was gone!

Sarah Z.



"I'm a Real Estate Agent and I recently used this service and can speak very highly of the results. I was unable to get anyone to eliminate odors from a listing until I called Re-Freshen. It was amazing after it was done it was completely gone. Thank You!" 
Trudy Miller, Real Estate Agent


"One of my daughters left my car window open overnight.   I discovered that an animal climbed in and peed.  I tried everything to get rid of the odor.  I called and they were able to get rid of the smell.   Thank you very much. " 
Angie Taylor


"We rented out our house to tenants who didn't have permission to have dogs. They had the carpets cleaned every three months, but clearly that didn't take out the dog smell. I have dog allergies and wasn't able to stay in the house overnight without having asthma attacks. The ozone shock treatment did what the frequent carpet cleaning could not: completely remove all traces of that doggy smell. If you do have asthma, you'll want to avoid the house for several hours after the treatment is over, but past that it just smells fresh and clean.   I would highly recommend this service with no reservations." 
Christine Thompson


"As a landlord I can say that a vacated apartment that reeks of cat urine is right up there in the really-bad-nightmare category. The smell waseverywhere. Nothing worked - Clorox, smell-good sprays, baking soda, enzyme-based products from the pet store. Your expertise and equipment zapped the smell away. I appreciate your fast service and earnest offer to come back if an additional treatment were needed.  It wasn't.  The apartment now smells spotlessly clean and is rented to new tenants. Thanks, Chris!"  
Carole Renmark


"My neighbors cat snuck into our minivan and was in their for 4 days. After cleaning out my car and airing it out for a week the smell just wouldn't go away. I even tried baking soda and vinegar. Nothing worked until I called Re-Freshen. Thank you!" 

Lindsay Wilkins


"Thank you so much for your help. Potential buyers kept leaving after entering the front door because of the cigarette smoke odor.  After your treatment nobody noticed it was a smoking house." 
Amy Pryor, Realtor



"I want to thank Refreshen for their amazing customer service. They were able to help us recently with our home. They were professional, timely, and competent. I highly recommend Re-freshen for anyone who is concerned about environmental issues and is looking for a professional to assess and provide reliable information. We will be sending more people your way. Thanks again!"
L. Hollon

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