Cat Pee!

Cat pee is really no different from other animal’s urine, yet many people think of cat urine as one of the most awful smells in nature. It is nothing more than a concentrate of waste chemicals made up mostly of urea, uric acid, sodium chloride (salt), several detoxified substances, and other electrolytes.Cat pee’s unfortunate reputation stems from the fact that that urine is usually left unnoticed until it becomes a problem and an embarrassment. Cats have a tendency to mark their territories outside the litter box, be it on your carpet, floor or in some discrete corner of your house.After a while, the bacteria present in the urine breakdown the urea which releases ammonia, the chemical mainly responsible for the characteristic odor of stale cat pee. To make matters even worse, the next stage of the process of chemical breakdown also releases mercaptan, the very same awful substance skunks spray at their unsuspecting victims as a means of defending themselves!

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