5 Questions to explore when purchasing Air Fresheners.

Air Freshener questions

5 questions to explore when purchasing an Air Freshener

1. What ingredients are in the air freshener? Check labels but also know that certain toxins may not be listed such the specific chemicals used to produce the fragrance itself.

2. Are there pregnant people in the house? Pregnant women, elderly, and children are more susceptible to adverse health effects that are a result of the added chemicals from the air fresheners

3. Do people have allergies in the house? Those with allergies may experience adverse reactions or heightened symptoms with the use of aerosol/spray fresheners in addition to fresheners that add particulates in the air.

4. Is there a smell that you are trying to mask? If there is a specific smell you can not seem to get rid of, you might want to have your home indoor air quality tested. You may have an active mold growth problem.

5. How often will you use the freshener and can it be sealed when not in use? Moderate use of air fresheners should not have a long lasting effect on the indoor air quality as long as they can be properly sealed and stored when not in use. Long term use of air fresheners can add significantly to the Volatile Organic Compounds in the air.

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