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 Odor Removal

We specialize in Odor Removal when all other methods FAIL


We REMOVE Pet & Smoke Odors, Allergens, Musty Smells, Cooking & Chemical Odors.

We start with a complete free survey to ensure our  process is right for you.  During the survey, our technician will examine all areas inside and outside your home to check for problems and to determine the best equipment setup for your property.

Our process will circulate clean ozone throughout your home including all ductwork.


Our technician will provide you with a complete explanation of our services and how it works.  Generally our process takes a day to completely remove odors from sources inside a building such as smoke odors and pet odors.


Ozone is nature's perfect purifier, making it the ideal odor removal solution.

No chemicals, no scrubbing, no residual odor, no masking "air fresheners".  An ozone shock treatment will create a fresh, odor-free environment.

We love our pets!


However, living with their odors

can be difficult, which is why odor

removal that really works is

essential.  Cat, dog, and other

pet urine odors are some of the

strongest odors known and the

hardest to eliminate by any cleaning

method.........except by a

professional ozone shock treatment and probiotic fogging.


The effectivieness of an ozone shock treatment is that it will also react with the odor causing material where it has penetrated walls, ceilings, drapes, furniture, and ductwork.


Since pet odors can sink into walls and flooring, no amount of carpet cleaning or carpet replacement will remove pet odors like an ozone shock treatment.

Richmond,Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C.


I had a rental property with a tenant who smoked in it for 2 years. I used a competitor to Re-Freshen and they removed the smell but only to have it return 5 weeks later. When the competitor wouldn't come back to retreat the house, I called  Re-Freshen. Their turn around time was one day and the treatment level was much more thorough. 



"As a landlord I can say that a vacated apartment that reeks of cat urine is right up there in the really-bad-nightmare category. The smell was everywhere. Nothing worked - Clorox, smell-good sprays, baking soda, enzyme-based products from the pet store. Your expertise and equipment zapped the smell away. 

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"I'm a Real Estate Agent and I recently used this service and can speak very highly of the results. I was unable to get anyone to eliminate odors from a listing until I called Re-Freshen. 

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"We rented out our house to tenants who didn't have permission to have dogs. They had the carpets cleaned every three months, but clearly that didn't take out the dog smell. I have dog allergies and wasn't able to stay in the house overnight without having asthma attacks. 

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