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         Independent Mold Inspection


Make Sure You Have Accurate & Un-Biased Information.

Do not be fooled by a FREE Mold Inspection

Air Sampling Mold

It is very important to know that your mold assessment is accurate and unbiased in order to understand the true  extent of the problem so you can properly decide on a course of action.


The only way to insure the reliability of a mold inspection is to make sure that the inspection company has nothing to gain from the results and does not benefit financially from the mold removal. In other words, do not have your property inspected for mold by the same mold remediation contractor who gets paid to REMOVE your mold.


NEVER let your remediation contractor provide his own "Mold Clearance Testing". An un-biased mold clearance test is your only way to know if the mold remediation was successful. You cannot trust mold clearance testing to the contractor doing your remediation work. That's like grading your own report card.

 Mold Testing should be done:

  • When purchasing any home, or commercial building especially if it has been vacant or is sold "as is".

  • After any flooding or water damage event.

  • When you find mildew anywhere in your home or building.

  • If you find a water leak that has been present for more than 24 hours.

  • If you smell or suspect mold but do not see any visible mold growth.

  • If unusual stains appear on furniture, walls, baseboards, cabinets or any other building material.

  • If people in your home experience a long-term medical condition without a known cause.

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