Professional Pet Odor Removal

Your Pet Urine Odor Removal Experts!

We Love Our Pets!

However, living with their odors

can be difficult, which is why odor

removal that really works is

essential.  Cat, dog, and other

pet urine odors are some of the

strongest odors known and the

hardest to eliminate by any cleaning

method.........except by a

Professional Ozone Shock treatment and fogging of duct work and vents.


Before treatment for Pet Odor Removal, we perform a Black Light Inspection.


The effectivieness of an ozone shock treatment is that it will also react with the odor causing material where it has penetrated walls, ceilings, drapes, furniture, and duct work.


Since pet odors can sink into walls and flooring, no amount of carpet cleaning or carpet replacement will remove Pet Odors like an Ozone Shock treatment and Probiotic Fogging.

"As a landlord I can say that a vacated apartment that reeks of cat urine is right up there in the really-bad-nightmare category. The smell was everywhere. Nothing worked - Clorox, smell-good sprays, baking soda, enzyme-based products from the pet store. Your expertise and equipment zapped the smell away. I appreciate your fast service and earnest offer to come back if an additional treatment were needed.  It wasn't.  The apartment now smells spotlessly clean and is rented to new tenants. Thanks, Chris!"  
Carole Renmark

Pet Odor Removal