Odor Investigations

Our sense of smell can be amazing and annoying at the same time.  Many of us can detect certain odors that are annoying, bothersome, and can even make us sick.  More importantly determining the source of the smell can drive us crazy!  We come into contact with many scents all throughout our day.  What happens if the odor is in our home or work environment where we spend a majority of our time?  Some VOCs can be odorless but many do have an odor & odor threshold.  To remove the source of the offensive odor we must first find the source.




An odor, smell, scent, or fragrance is caused when one or more volatile chemicals enter our nasal passages and are detected by specialized receptors.  These can be interpreted as pleasant or unpleasant, as well as variations in description such as flowery, spicy, ethereal, acrid, musky, etc.

Re-Freshen provides an answer to the odor woes.  Our knowledgeable technical staff and solutions based analyses can help to determine the point source odor and vapor problems.  Re-Freshen offers varying levels of odor detection/solution analyses from our Survey line of products to our 500+ compound Comp-Air report.