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Indoor Allergen Screeen Testing



Cellulose fibers 



Aciniform- like soot 

Insect parts

Insect feces

Synthetic fibers





Indoor Allergen Testing

"I want to thank Re-Freshen for their amazing customer service. They were able to help us recently with our home. They were professional, timely, and competent. I highly recommend Re-freshen for anyone who is concerned about environmental issues and is looking for a professional to assess and provide reliable information. We will be sending more people your way. Thanks again!"
L. Hollon


"Re-Freshen, what a blessing! My 79-year old parents live reside in VA and I in MD, and needless to say, they have not kept up with repair and maintenance. Called Refreshen on a Thursday and they met me on Sunday morning.  A home inspection and air quality test was conducted, and I had findings to include definitions, along with pictures within 7 days. Personal touch with great customer service!!!!" 
M Jones


"Our experience with Re-Freshen was excellent.  We were in a bind during the closing process on a house, right up against the Thanksgiving holiday, and Chris was incredibly flexible, helpful and responsive.  He managed to come to the house the same day  I contacted him, and he was also able to get the lab to run our tests even though they were off the next day........ Read More



Human hair 

Dust mites 

Plant parts

Fiberglass Fibers 



Animal hair 

Carpet Beetles


Indoor Air Quality

Poor Indoor Air Quality can cause or contribute to the development of infections, lung cancer, and chronic lung diseases such as asthma. In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue. People who already have lung disease are at greater risk.


The American Lung Association recommends that the first line of defense against indoor air pollution is finding ways to keep the pollutants from being added to the air in the first place. This is known as source control. Appropriate ventilation with clean fresh air can also reduce levels of indoor air pollutants. Finally, while air cleaning devices can be useful, they are no substitute for preventing the air from getting dirty in the first place.


IAQA Re-Freshen

Items we test for:

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