Free Mold Inspection?

Restoration Companies advertising FREE Mold Inspections

You can be sure that if you are bringing somebody in for a Free Mold Inspection that they are not planning on taking air or surface samples to submit for testing. Every sample that we take is sent to an independent lab for analysis.  This service costs money.


Without Indoor Air Quality Testing any inspection is really just a guess at what is happening inside your home or business.  


The lab results will be clear evidence for you to know that professional mold remediation is or is not necessary. Having these facts at your disposal are important if you are dealing with a situation that may involve insurance, real estate transactions, or disputes.

Avoid Conflict of Interest:

Steer clear of companies that offer both testing and mold remediation services.  


The only way that a company can offer Free Mold Inspections is if they find mold and perform the remediation.   


Make sure that your mold inspection company does not perform Mold Remediation. 


Don't settle for a "Free Mold Inspection" 


Free mold inspections are Red Flags for scammers.  You get what you pay for.