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Pathogen & Infection Control

Richmond, Virginia,Baltimore,  Maryland, Washington, D.C.

Re-Freshen can treat your home or business each month, controlling harmful pathogens like Flu, Norovirus, Staph, MRSA, C. Diff  and other harmful bacteria or viral germs.

  Businesses and households

every year have the same

issues.  Employees are sick

and can't come to work.

  Children are sick and

can't go to school. 

The babysitter is called....

Substitute Teachers are

called in.  Money is lost year after year.  A week of the Flu or stomach bug is costly for families and businesses.  Our monthly control program will keep you safer than ever before from these harmful pathogens.  Cleaning your business or home is one thing.  Keeping it safe from pathogen bugs is another.  Let us give you a quote today!

Why most Sanitizers Fail

As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the cycle of bacteria growth and odor generation starts all over again. 


Harsh, toxic chemicals are commonly used to sanitize offices, but they don't sanitize for very long.   is not a chemical reaction.  It is a mechanical process for which bacteria and germs have no immunity. There is real value in Antimicrobial power, odor removal, and allergen control that is found nowhere else.

This revolutionary cleaning concept has been validated in thousands of tests by a number of independent hospitals and medical facilities.

Pathogen and Infection Control

Probiotics For Your Germs

Actually cleans down to the microscopic level leaving nothing to soil, contaminate or cause odors!


The next generation of environmental science technology.   a mild, environmentally friendly product that is non-irritating to the skin, does not produce harsh chemical fumes, is non- flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive to surfaces and leaves behind no residue.  Target the threats that plague our indoor environments.

Competitive Exclusion

During the cleaning procedure, a layer of beneficial bacteria is placed on the treated surface, and immediately occupies the surface with “good” bacteria. They consume all remaining food sources, leaving nothing behind for potential pathogenic invaders looking for space and food. The beneficial bacteria are much more active and out-compete all other organisms.

Re-Freshen utilizes an organic, environmentally-friendly product that is safe for all humans, animals, birds, fish and other life forms. It has been tested in FDA registered laboratories to show it had no adverse effects when sprayed in eyes or in inhalation tests and on skin.

The use of Probiotic cleaning products introduces a stable and healthy microbial community to all cleaned surfaces lowering the risk of problems with contaminants. Re-Freshen's Probiotic fogging service fits perfectly into any existing cleaning protocol and does not require any structural or other adjustments.

With technology you have a disinfectant working to protect you against unhealthy bacteria and viruses, yet has no noxious odor and will not produce Volatile Organic Compounds.  It is lethal to harmful pathogens not your health or your environment, is hypoallergenic and biodegradable.  You can clean thoroughly with spray and leave to dry without fear of damage to hard or soft surfaces.

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