Commercial Sanitation

Re-Freshen's  Probiotic Fogging service provides an anti-microbial fogging solution that safely reduces allergens and eliminates odors and mold. Our Probiotic Fogging Service involves Probiotics, organic beneficial bacteria- which are dispersed from our industrial electrostatic fogging machines to permeate an entire facility in hard to reach spaces. Our service disperses a film protection consisting of beneficial bacteria through out your property, including personal items (furniture, personal items, walls, etc) and shields them from harmful pathogens.  It is a form of shock treatment that bonds to every cubic inch of exposed surface area.


This revolutionary cleaning concept has been validated in thousands of tests by a number of independent hospitals and medical facilities. Many of these studies are available in the documents section; also included is an important 18 month independent third party study by a major hospital and the University of Ghent.

 Re-Freshen's Probiotic fogging doesn’t stop working the moment the surface is dry like other products, but instead  actually continues to keep working non-stop, minute after minute for up to three days at a time – constantly cleaning as well as protecting against contamination and odors, 

  • Kills 99% of all pathogens

  • FDA approved for food prep areas

  • Eliminates exposure of chemicals to staff & visitors

  • No safety equipment required

  • Reduction in sick days due to chemical exposure

  • Harmless to the enviroment when disposed

  • Promotes a healthier working enviroment

  • Saves versus conventional cleaners

  • All-in-one solution improves productivity

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Sanitation Services for

  • Homes, Apartments

  • Gyms and Spas

  • Restaurants

  • Bars and Nightclubs

  • Doctor or Medical Offices

  • Therapy & Rehab Centers

  • Dentist Offices

  • Chiropractic Office

  • Massage Center

  • Public Buildings

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