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Commercial Odor Removal


Richmond, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Durham, N.C.
Richmond, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Durham, N.C.

Odors can become a problem for your business, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic or allow food and drinks in your establishment. Don't let bad odors run potential customers away.  It may not only come from customers, as employees can spill the coffee that they brought in for breakfast or the orange juice they drank for lunch. Even water can cause an odor problem.

Whatever your Odor problem is, Re-Freshen can find a solution. With over 9 years of Odor Remediation experience we can come up with a solution for your business that is environmentally safe and effective.  Creating a pleasant odor free environment for your customers and employees.

  • Environmentally-Safe, Non-Toxic

  • Excellent Odor Control

  • Gyms    

  • Theaters

  • Karate Studios

  • Schools

  • Daycares

  • Unattended Death, Crime Scene

  • Hoarder homes

  • Warehouses and storage

  • Trucking shipping containers

  • Warehouse, and processing areas

  • Veterinarian and Pet Boarding 

Simple can be better.  Re-Freshens Probiotic System is a simple solution that works better than the more complex odor control processes.  Add to that, this is a 100% natural solution.


 Gentle to the skin, but tough on allergens, each spray keeps working for up to 3 days at a time to provide ongoing protection wherever sprayed.  Re-Freshens Probiotic fog actually works at the microscopic level, applying a protective coating of beneficial organic probiotics that lets you create and control a healthier, natural, safe, stable and odor-free environment for your homes and work areas.


Fogging with Our Probiotics is an incredibly effective way to reach all areas and surfaces (including walls, counters, carpets, hard to reach places, air conditioning vents, etc.) and also provides a major savings in time and labor. Hotels, gyms, spas, hospitals, clinics, sport stadiums and all types of facilities, as well as homes, have found fogging  of major benefit for cleanliness, odor elimination and for having the risk of contamination vastly reduced in short order.

What does Consumer Reports say about Febreeze?

Richmond, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Durham, N.C.
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