Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Re-Freshen utilizes a non-toxic Smoke Odor Removal process with Environmentally Friendly methods and Guaranteed results!

Whether it be a house that has been smoked in for 20 years or less,      Re-Freshen has successfully removed Cigarette Smoke Odor since 2009.  Re-Freshen treats the entire residence, including the HVAC system.  We take a comprehensive approach when it comes to your Cigarette Smoke Odor removal needs.  


I had a rental property with a tenant who smoked in it for 2 years. I used a competitor to Re-Freshen and they removed the smell but only to have it return 5 weeks later. When the competitor wouldn't come back to retreat the house, I called Re-Freshen. Their turn around time was one day and the treatment level was much more thorough. The smoke smell was eliminated and has remained that way for over 3 months and I was able to sell the property without concern about the smoke smell.

E Moore

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