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Smoke & Fire Residue Testing

Residential or Business fire is the most destructive force  that can affect your life and business. Usually the destruction is so obvious that no further testing is necessary.  But what if the fire was contained, and damage is minimal? This is when insurance company and tenants may need Testing expertise to evaluate fire damage and the level of smoke contamination.


Smoke residue concentration detected in a house after a fire can be used in after-fire analysis and damage estimation.


Some Questions that can be answered with Testing from Re-Freshen:


  1.  Is the property still contaminated with soot?

  2.  Is there any tar residue that can cause cancer?  

  3.  Is there a smoke odor or not?

  4.  Is the level of organic vapors (that cause the smell) within an acceptable range?

  5.  Was any smoke residue left behind after cleaning was performed by  a professional cleaning company?

  6.  What accelerant was used to start the fire?



    Upon completion of your fire and smoke restoration project, we will retest the affected areas and provide a clearance, allowing you to return to your home or business knowing that you and your family, employees or tenants are safe

Soot Testing       Furnace Puff Backs

  It is quite amazing how much the soot can cover - it goes everywhere.  It can even force you out of your home in some cases.  This soot is not just a powder-like substance, but is black and sticky and will include a mixture of oil that is difficult to clean.  But this dirty residue needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. 


  The only way to truly know if the soot is removed is to test the particulates in the air and to perform direct samples that are analyzed by an accredited lab. 

  Oil based soot is extremely difficult to remove.  In addition to the soot, a puff back causes a foul odor to permeate your home.  So what should you do?

  • Assess the situation and the amount of damage that was done

  • Wash all affected clothing and fabrics in the house - some may require professional dry cleaning

  • Throw away all exposed food

  • Call a repairman to fix the malfunctioning oil furnace

  • Call a cleaning service to take care of the soot and chemicals

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