Allergen Reduction Service

Are you moving into  a new house or have issues with Allergens in your present house? 

Re-Freshen starts with fogging your HVAC system with a Probiotic that establishes a healthy and stable microbial community, going after the bad bacteria with good bacteria.  After fogging the ductwork we fog the entire house including bedding.  The Probiotics have been certified for biodegradability and have no toxicity.  Healthy Probiotics immediately goes to work stabilizing your environment to reduce allergens (such as harmful dust mites' fecal secretions) and other source of problems, irritants and odors.  

Probiotics act like millions of tiny workers removing the contaminations and dirt at the very microscopic level that you normally can never reach. These contaminations are simply converted to mass and CO2, the same as you breathe out – and these beneficial little workers continue to work for up to days at a time after each fogging to keep eating away the biofilm put down by pathogens and other harmful (bad) germs.

"We rented out our house to tenants who didn't have permission to have dogs. They had the carpets cleaned every three months, but clearly that didn't take out the dog smell. I have dog allergies and wasn't able to stay in the house overnight without having asthma attacks. The ozone shock treatment did what the frequent carpet cleaning could not: completely remove all traces of that doggy smell. If you do have asthma, you'll want to avoid the house for several hours after the treatment is over, but past that it just smells fresh and clean.   I would highly recommend this service with no reservations." 
Christine Thompson